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keep white clothes white

Laundry tips: how to keep white clothes white

Although doing the laundry seems like a straightforward task, keeping your white clothes white and looking brand new can be challenging. The laundry journey is fraught with pitfalls and can quickly transform your whites into a stained, dingy grey. Here are some simple tips to keep your whites looking their best.

1. Separate your whites from colours

Every time you wash them, put your white clothes in a drawer or basket, and leave the colours in the machine until you are ready to do the wash. If you are separating by colour, putting your whites in a basket or drawer will keep them from becoming soiled from other items.

2. Use detergents and bicarb soda

The chemicals in many detergents are bleaching agents and can cause whites to fade. While baking soda is more often known for its odour control qualities, it does have natural whitening capabilities that are appreciated by people who would rather not turn to bleach. Adding baking soda to the laundry gently cleans your clothes and removes tough smells and stains. It also softens clothes and boosts the detergent’s power. It even keeps the washing machine clean.

3. Be vigilant about stains

Stains from fruit juice, cheese or grease can quickly ruin your whites and for most fabrics, the stain will show up after a single wash cycle. If you accidentally stain your whites, it’s important to promptly spray them with a spray remover.

4. Avoid drying in direct sunlight

Drying white clothing and fabrics outside can make a big difference in their brightness. The ultraviolet rays from the sun will help freshen and whiten. If drying outside isn’t possible, dry garments with a dryer on a lower heat setting. Remove clothes from the dryer while slightly damp, and air-dry on a drying rack. Be careful not to over-dry, as excessive heat can cause stains and residual soil to yellow.

5. Use warm water when laundering whites

The heat of the water will loosen the dirt and soil on your clothing, helping them to come clean. It also helps to dissolve the detergent better, giving it more cleaning power.

Following all of the above tips will ensure your laundry always looks great when it comes out of the washing machine with no need for surprises!

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