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shopping for home appliances

How to save money when shopping for home appliances

Appliances are one of the most expensive items we spend on our home. While individually they may not cost an exorbitant amount, they do add up in the end and can often break your budget. Here are a few smart ways you can save money when shopping for home appliances.

1) Buy second-hand appliances

This is the best way to save money when shopping for home appliances. Second-hand appliances are generally in good shape, as most people sell their old appliances for an upgrade. Not only are they in good shape, as they were always looked after and taken care of, but they are often very cheap.

2) Compare prices

You should be able to find the cheapest price on appliances by comparing prices at different stores, including electronics shops and websites. You can compare prices online and ask whether they can price match it in-store. There may also be special deals such as two appliances for one at a very good price at certain homeware stores.

3) Buy a display model

Many stores have display models for sale that are usually much cheaper than the normal retail price. You’ll enjoy the same functionality and warranty as you’d get with the in-box appliance at a much lower price.

4) Hold out for sales

There are times specific appliances go on sale, especially during the holidays. If your chosen model is not on sale, you can ask a sales personnel when it is scheduled to be discounted and they are usually happy to give out this information.

5) Avoid expensive add-ons

Many appliance sales come with add-ons and options. You should avoid any that are not necessary as they can increase the price of your appliance. For example, if you’re buying a washing machine, you may want to choose an additional set of drawers or a matching dryer. However, these may not add to the functionality of your appliance and may just be a waste of money.

6) Choose the size wisely

Before buying the biggest and most technologically advanced appliance, remember that large appliances usually do nothing more than increase your energy consumption. Small appliances are generally more efficient and will save you money in the long run.

Choosing the right appliances for your home can be a very expensive task. That’s why you should follow the above tips if you’re looking for more bang for your buck!

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