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fridge is freezing everything

6 reasons why your fridge is freezing everything

Have you ever wanted to cook up a delicious breakfast on a Sunday morning only to discover that your food has frozen overnight? You’re then left with food that needs to be thawed, or worst case scenario, chucked out. Not only is this extremely annoying, but it’s also an expensive issue to deal with. So, if your fridge is freezing everything, here are five reasons why it could be happening and how to fix them.

Your thermostat is set too high

If you find that your fridge is freezing everything, then there is a good chance that your thermostat might be set incorrectly. You may have accidentally turned it up too high when loading your fridge or moving things around. Unfortunately, this does end up using more electricity than necessary, but it is an easy fix.

Your air vents are blocked

Air vents are used by refrigerators to move cold air across the storage space and maintain a constant temperature. When you load up your fridge too much, there’s a possibility that you’ve blocked the air vents. Clear out the fridge and make sure that there is no food or other objects preventing the air to pass.

You have a faulty gasket

If the refrigerator is freezing food, there is a chance that your gasket might be faulty. When the gasket fails to keep air from leaking out of your fridge, it will lose its cooling power and give off heat instead. To compensate, the fridge will work harder to compensate for the cold air lost, therefore causing the food to freeze. Placing a piece of paper in the door and attempting to remove it without opening the door is a simple test to see whether you have a faulty gasket. If the paper is easily removable, you need to replace the gasket.

Your condenser coils are dirty

Your condenser coils are located at the back of your refrigerator and are responsible for removing heat and cool air from the fridge. If you’ve got a dirty condenser, eventually it will fail to properly remove the heat, causing your food to freeze.

Your fridge is still freezing your food, what should you do?

If your refrigerator is still freezing everything despite a number of the above fixes, then it could be that you need to replace your fridge altogether. While this can be an expensive fix, it will save you the hassle and money that comes from getting frequent repairs!

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